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Toasted Bagel
Toasted Established 2019

Are you Toasted yet?

Invercargill has always had a hole in the market for bagels. And now that hole is filled. At Toasted, we bake fresh, homemade bagels and rolls from hand-picked ingredients every day. No weird chemicals. No preservatives. No added sugar. All delicious.

Get Toasted in the morning or afternoon because we’re open from 7.30AM-2.30PM on weekdays, 9AM-2.30PM on Saturday and Sunday 10am-2.30pm. Taste the heat from our toasted bagels or go the authentic NY way and eat it cool. Or have both. We won’t judge you.

Stop in on a whim or use our app to meticulously plan out your order ahead of time and come in right at pickup time. Then add a drink like our signature coffee and eat in-store or on the go.

Try us once, and you’ll want to get Toasted every day. And that’s perfectly fine to us.

Get Toasted every day—The responsible way.

We noticed something shocking when we were roaming the streets of Invercargill for food. There are dozens of places to get mince pies and cheese rolls. Only a few places with bagels, and none that are made the authentic NY way. No thanks.

There was a big hole in the market for fresh-made bagels and rolls, and at Toasted, we’ve filled it. With bagels. And rolls. Using top-quality ingredients, our bagels and street rolls are handmade and baked fresh daily. When you’re Toasted, your taste receptors are on overdrive, a collision of freshness and deliciousness.

Try us once, and you’ll want to get Toasted in Invercargill every single day.